I was born in Istanbul in 1983. My passion for photography was clear on my eighth birthday, when I was gifted a camera from my father. My camera became my companion and a somewhat third eye to which I saw the world. With the love of photography in my heart I entered the Photography Department of Marmara University Fine Arts School, after graduating from Huseyin Avni Sozen Anatolian High School. In 2006 I received my B.A. degree in photography and in 2010, I completed my M.A. degree with a thesis on ”The power of photography in the context of the political criticism of communal living”.

This third eye view of the world was acknowledged in Turkey where I was awarded a national first prize by the 2007 National Geographic International Photography Contest. My photograph was entered internationally and took second prize amongst the participating world contestants during the “People Category” of 2007.

My other honours and achievements include first prize in the 2007 contest of Turkish-American Association, named “Reflections From Turkish American Friendship” and first prize in the 2006 HSBC Bank contest called “Different points of View Enrich Our World”.

My first solo exhibition, “Otherselves” was organized in 2007 and displayed the normality and humanity of the lives of people suffering from Downs Syndrome. This exhibition was presented at the Barıs Manco Cultural Center and Caddebostan Cultural Center with the sponsorship of Kadıkoy Sifa Health Institution.

In 2007 at the second Young Photographers Festival at Yapı Industrial Center, I juxtaposed architectural elements in an exhibition named “Street Puzzles”.

In the 2007 Kargart “Confusion 7” exhibition I submitted a photograph called “Stage” and in the third Kargart Performance Days / “Body-Joint” Exhibition, I entered a series of action dance photographs named “GO”.

Some of my works from 2005-2006 are exhibited at Pera Museum in the mixed exhibition named “EL/LE’’ and at Halic University in the mixed exhibition named “We Tried”.

Because of I became acquainted with photography many years ago, since then, like other people who have numerous ways to express themselves and their emotions, I started to express my feelings through photographs. With every passing day and every experience in the field of photography, I began to learn the reality beyond appearances as well as the power of photography. That is why I have shared the privacy and value of the life through my photographs in the project named “Not A Game But A Reality” in 2008. The heroes of this project are the ” Patients of the Pediatric Hematology- Oncology Department of Cerrahpaşa Medical School.” The photo book was published by KACUV and rightswere donated to The Hope Foundation for Children with cancer for Family House project.

Currently i am working as an intercultural mediator of the project Pankultikum in a humanitarian non-governmental organization, Slovene Philantrophy.  The purpose of the project is to create a supportive environment and conditions to improve employment opportunities and social inclusion (young) immigrants in the area of ​​cultural activity. The individual immigrant and staff of organizations that immigrants offer support for integration will enable the acquisition of competences which will help young immigrants realize their potential in the field of cultural participation and input of new cultural content in the Slovenian environment. In the frame of the project i had found a chance to improve myself in different fields as Cultural Management, Video Multimedia and also I had been a part of the short film “Migration of Violets” as a backstage photographer and costume designer  in production sessions. Trailer could seen at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWz2LxVvLI.

I contributed to organisation of Festival of Migrant Film held in Ljubljana at 2014 and served as a part of photography team. For more information about the festival is online http://www.fmf-slovenija.si/en/.